Lithium Battery for Solar Street Light

NCM Lithium-ion Battery System For Solar Street Lighting 75128S

Product Parameter
Battery Voltage 12.8V 12.8V 12.8V 12.8V
System Energy 350Wh 400Wh 450Wh 500Wh
Max. Charge Current  8A 8A 10A 10A
Charging Mode MPPT or PWM MPPT or PWM MPPT or PWM MPPT or PWM
Working Mode Light/Light+time Light/Light+time Light/Light+time Light/Light+time
Self-Checking Function Yes Yes Yes Yes
AUTO Energy Conservation Yes Yes Yes Yes
Case Material Aluminum alloy+ Iron end plate
IP Grade IP67 IP67 IP67 IP67
Working Temp. Range/℃ -10℃~65℃ -10℃~65℃ -10℃~65℃ -10℃~65℃
Input Terminal Male waterproof joint
Output terminal  Female waterproof joint
PV Cable 0.8m @ 1.5mm2 diameter double core wire with female waterproof joint
Load Cable 2.5m @ 1.0mm2 diameter double core wire with male waterproof joint
Size (L×W×H) /mm 300×128×75 325×128×75 380×128×75 405×128×75
Net Weight /Kg 5.17±0.10 5.60±0.10 6.45±0.10 6.87±0.10